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Journalists in Mexico protest after Javier Valdez murder


Journalists in Mexico protest after Javier Valdez murder

The murder of another Mexican journalist known for investigating drugs trafficking prompted a protest in Mexico City on Tuesday.

Dozens of journalists and supporters gathered outside the Interior Ministry after Javier Valdez – an award-winning journalist who co-founded and worked for the media outlet RioDoce – was shot dead in the northern state of Sinaloa on Monday.

He was the fifth reporter killed since March in one of the world’s deadliest countries for the trade.

Fellow journalists criticised the lack of success in bringing perpetrators to justice.

“Impunity in the killing of journalists is an invitation to continue killing journalists. There are no consequences,” said one protester, Marta Duran.

“It’s not that journalists are special people, we’re just like any other citizen but society is closing its eyes and blocking its ears,” added another, Temoris Grecko.

Amid ongoing bloodshed between drug cartels, Javier Valdez died when gunmen opened fire on his car in the state capital Culiacan, according to the media outlet he founded.

On the same day a local magazine editor in a neighbouring state was shot and wounded and her adult son killed.