Chelsea Manning, the US Army private sentenced to 35-years in jail for leaking military files, has been released from military jail.

Manning, who was formally known as Bradley, served just seven years of her term. She sent reports known as the Iraq War Logs and Afghan War Diary to Wikileaks in 2010.

The former intelligence analyst has tweeted several times since being freed, using the hashtag #ChelseaIsFree, and showing her first steps, and bites, as a civilian.

In a statement Manning said she is looking to what lies ahead, as that is “far more important than the past”.

She was convicted as Bradley, but soon after her incarceration declared that she had felt female since childhood, and would live the rest of her life as Chelsea.

Manning said she leaked the military and diplomatic files to spark a debate on the role of the US military and foreign policy. But she later apologised for what she called a mistake, and for “hurting the US”.

The 29-year-old was released after former President Barack Obama commuted her sentence in January – one of his final acts as president.

Manning tweeted that she wants to return to the state of Maryland, where she once lived.

An online campaign has raised over 130,000 euros to help pay for Manning’s living costs after her release.