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French expats queue to cast their vote


French expats queue to cast their vote

There were long lines in London as French expats queued to cast their vote in the presidential second round.

More than 92,000 French citizens are registered to vote in the United Kingdom.

“Depending on who gets into power, France might leave the EU and I don’t want that so I am carrying out my civic duty,” a voter told reporters outside the polling station in South Kensington.


There were blue skies in Moscow as polling got underway at the French embassy in the Russian capital.


A polling station was also set up in the French embassy in the capital, Hanoi.

“I came to Vietnam to discover the country but also to try and get a job because I could not get one in France,” one man told reporters outside.

Results of overseas votes will remain sealed until after polls have closed in mainland France on Sunday evening.


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