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What do new campaign posters reveal about Macron and Le Pen?

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What do new campaign posters reveal about Macron and Le Pen?

At first glance, the new campaign posters unveiled by France’s final two contenders for the presidency appear straightforward.

But analysts have taken a closer a look at what the choice in design could reveal about each potential future president.

Both have opted for blunt slogans, with Le Pen urging “Choose France” after railing against globalisation throughout her campaign.

Her typically patriotic language underlines her nationalist intentions to put France first.

But what has most caught the eye of analysts is her decision to show part of her bare leg while perched on a table.

Some have interpreted this as a defiant display of her femininity, after her claim that women’s rights are under threat following the migrant crisis.

Le Pen, who has described herself as a ‘free French woman’, wants to ban the Islamic headscarf.

She famously canceled a meeting with Lebanon’s grand mufti, the country’s top cleric for Sunni Muslims, after refusing to wear a headscarf for the encounter – insisting “I will not cover myself up”.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron declares “France Together” in his final poster.

It’s a phrase is borrowed from the right, evoking a sense of unity, similar to those used by conservatives Nikolas Sarkozy and Jacques Chirac in their campaign posters, “France Together”, and “Together, everything becomes possible”, respectively.

Like Le Pen, he appears in blue; a colour that is not just one third of the tricolor but that also represents security and safety.

Along with a simple head and shoulder shot, his cautious approach reflects his leading position in the polls.

He has no need to takes risks.

The two will go head-to-head in the second round of voting on Sunday, May 7.

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