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SNP success in election will pave way for Scottish secession vote - Sturgeon

United Kingdom

SNP success in election will pave way for Scottish secession vote - Sturgeon

Scotland’s First Minister and leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, has said success for her party in the upcoming general election will pave the
way for a fresh referendum on Scottish independence.

The Scottish National Party announced it would abstain from voting in the Commons.

“If the SNP wins this election in Scotland and the Tories don’t, then Theresa May’s attempt to block our mandate to give the people of Scotland a choice over their own future when the time is right will crumble to dust,” Sturgeon told a crowd outside the House of Commons.

Speaking ahead of the election decision, UK Prime Minister Theresa May accused Sturgeon and other opponents of seeking to “unite together to divide our country and we will not let them do it.”

“Now it is not the time for second Scottish independence referendum because it will weaken our hand in negotiations on Brexit. Strength and unity with the Conservatives, division and weakness with the Scottish nationalists,” she said in Parliament.

In the 2014 referendum on secession from the UK, 55.3 percent of voters opted to remain. Sturgeon took control of the SNP and the following year it had its best-ever result in a general election, winning 56 of 59 Scottish constituencies.

But polls suggest that while the party is likely to remain popular it may struggle to reiterate its earlier success.


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