North Korea ready for 'any mode of war'

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By Christopher Cummins  with Agencies
North Korea ready for 'any mode of war'

Pyongyang has criticised the United States after Trump ordered a US navy battle group to deploy in waters off the Korean peninsula.

North Korea warned of “catastrophic consequences” if Washington continued its provocation.

On the streets of the capital Pyongyang people reacted to the increased tensions:
“We’re not scared. We love peace, but we are never going to beg for it. If anyone tries to provoke us, we will defend ourselves in the strongest way with our own power, and we will keep on doing things our way,” said one resident.

Another took a swipe at Washington:“The USA doesn’t care about rocket tests if its allies like the puppets in South Korea and the Japanese reactionaries do them. I think that the US has no reason to complain about what our military does for self-defence. I think that the US should stop its double standards.”

In South Korea the country has been intensifying its military readiness for an attack by the North.

The South Korean capital Seoul is home to 10 million residents and within easy reach of North Korean missile batteries.