Iran warns US not to repeat attack on Syria

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By Christopher Cummins  with Agencies
Iran warns US not to repeat attack on Syria

Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, has criticised the decision of Donald Trump to launch an attack on Syria

Rouhani called for an investigation into the origin of the chemical attack on the rebel held town of Khan Sheikhoun.

He added that the US strikes had no basis in fact and warned against further escalation of the six-year-old Syrian conflict.

“A possible repeat of the US military aggression in Syria,won’t go without response. In my opinion, the US has not acted according to international norms and regulations, or in the interest of the countries in the region,” said the president.

US missiles hit the Syrian airbase where, American intelligence believe that the chemical attack was launched from.

In a more conciliatory tone he added that Syria needs reform and backed calls for democratic elections in the war torn country.

Trump has performed an about turn on Syria with the president believing a political solution is impossible if Assad remains in power.