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EU unemployment improves again to eight-year low


EU unemployment improves again to eight-year low

With powerhouse Germany leading the way the EU’s 28 members hit unemployment of 8% in February, the lowest since January 2009.

Germany’s 3.9% unemployment is bested only by the Czechs’ 3.4%, but of major economies only the UK’s 4.6% comes close.

Some strong performances from smaller and more recent members does not ease the fact that major economies France and Italy lag seriously behind. In France unemployment is becalmed at around 10% while in Italy it is 11.5%.

In February Spain, one of the strongest monthly movers in jobs creation, dipped below 20% for the first time in years to 18%, but Greece remains in dire straits.

Unemployment is 23.1% there, with youth unemployment a staggering 45.2%.


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