On the hunt for ISIL suspects in Eastern Mosul

A British TV crew joined a special squad on the hunt for ISIL militants in Mosul

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On the hunt for ISIL suspects in Eastern Mosul

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A man is dragged from his home by Iraqi security forces in Eastern Mosul, accused of being a member of ISIL.

The suspect and his family repeatedly deny that he is a militant, pleading with the Iraqi soldiers that he is not the man they are after.

A British Sky News team joined a special squad as it hunted for ISIL suspects in parts of Mosul recaptured from the militants.

In the end the soldiers realised they did have the wrong man.

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The anti-terror operation is described as a big test of the abilities of the Iraqi security forces, not only fight a war and provide security but also win the “hearts and minds” of local people.

The residents here are still living with the constant threat of violence.

Ahmed Danoun, a Mosul resident, told Sky: “We are scared from this, these sleepers. They say maybe they come back here again. Because they have many, many (sleeper cells).”

The soldiers try to engage with local people, who are understandably wary of anyone wearing a uniform and carrying a gun.

And just when a small connection is made – soldiers chatting and joking with local children – the familiar sound of gunshots shatters the friendly atmosphere.