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Rising Hollywood starlet Zoey Deutch stars in 'Before I Fall'


Rising Hollywood starlet Zoey Deutch stars in 'Before I Fall'

In the film ‘Before I Fall’ Samantha Kingston is a young woman who has it all, the crush-worthy boyfriend, amazing best friends and drop-dead gorgeous looks.

February 12 is just another charmed day in her life but after a party she and her friends are involved in what looks to be a fatal car crash.

However, instead of dying, Samantha awakes in her bed on the morning of the day she died and finds herself caught in a time loop where she must live the same day making different choices to try to avoid her fate.

The film was screened in Los Angeles on March 1st and had its world premiere at the Sundance film festival.

“I think it’s a lot darker than most teen films and kind of gets to an existential angst and a philosophical bent where it’s talking about time and what’s it’s like to be alive and a self-awareness and reckoning that we all go through at every age, so there are eternal themes in there that are kind of sticky,” said Ry Russo-Young.

Rising Hollywood starlet Zoey Deutch follows in the footsteps of her mother – ‘Back to the Future’s Lea Thompson – by starring in ‘Before I Fall’.

“I think it beautifully depicts the female adolescent experience in a way that doesn’t belittle it. I mean, this is a story… the book was written by a woman, the script was written by a woman, it was directed by a woman, it’s not written or produced or made by middle-aged men. it feels so big and beautiful and grand, it’s hard to imagine that it was a very small, low budget film,” opined the actress.

In ‘Before I Fall’, based on the bestselling novel by Lauren Oliver Samantha tries to transform herself, talk to people she wouldn’t normally and take risks to try and change her day and try hard to stay alive.

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