Euronews spoke at Berlin’s ITB to Jimi Kariuki, Chairman at Kenya Tourism Board, about the much talked about new railway that will link Mombasa to Nairobi and other important infrastructure projects aimed at boosting tourism in the African nation.

“Currently, we have the standard gage railway which will connect Mombasa to Nairobi. This is great for tourism because it offers an experiential mode of transportation for tourists in terms of visiting tourists and for Kenyans. That’s on the track right now. There is also a major project at the cruise ship terminal in Mombasa. That’s also under way and that will support us in growing our cruise ship business into Mombasa. So these are the key projects that are positive for the industry at the moment. As you maybe aware, the US government has recently given Kenya a Category One status. Which means that Kenya can now start preparing itself for direct flight to the United States. This is quite positive for us, because the US is an important source market for us. So we are looking forward to the inauguration of the flight to and from the US.”