Zimbabwe appeals for aid to help flood victims

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By Euronews
Zimbabwe appeals for aid to help flood victims

Last year the rains failed in Zimbabwe leaving 4 million in need of food aid, and now floods have wiped out this season’s harvest.

The latest estimates put the death toll at nearly 250, while thousands have been left homeless after above-average rainfall hit the country since December.

Those affected are in dire need of assistance.

“The rain flooded our home and we were left helpless with our children. We lost all our blankets, pots and cooking utensils, our goats and chickens as well, because of the heavy rains,” said Assa Mkwananzi, displaced by floods.

Authorities said villages in the southern part of the country were the worst affected with roads and bridges being destroyed.

The cash-strapped government has appealed for 94 millon euros to support the emergency relief programmes to help those displaced by the floods.

The government has come in for criticism after reportedly spending almost two million euros on President Robert Mugabe’s 93rd birthday celebrations last week.