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Russia says Flynn resignation engineered by opponents of good US-Russian relations


Russia says Flynn resignation engineered by opponents of good US-Russian relations

The fall from grace of Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, who resigned late on Monday night, proves that efforts are being made to undermine Russian-US relations.

So say a number of senior figures in Moscow, although the Kremlin itself has declined to comment. It had already denied he discussed sanctions with any official.

Flynn had to fall on his sword after it was revealed he had discussed US sanctions on Russia with Moscow’s ambassador to the US before Donald Trump took office, illegal under the terms of the Logan act which bars private citizens from engaging in US foreign policy, and then misled Vice President Mike Pence about the conversation.

Flynn is an advocate of softer relations with the Russians, but some believe he will be back.

“I don’t rule out the possibility that Flynn would appear again in the administration at some point and all this situation is aimed at creating an impression among ordinary people and in the US political establishment that Russia is still a strategic opponent, to put it mildly,” said the head of the Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee Leonid Slutsky.

Flynn may have been undermined by his own intelligence services, who reportedly loathe
him after repeated clashes during his time working for President Obama, who had to fire him. He also faces a number of ongoing investigations into his relations with Russia, including a reported army inquiry into an allegation he accepted money during a 2015 visit.

In recent years Flynn has been a regular pundit on the state-run news propaganda service Russia Today. His resignation is the lowest point so far for the new Trump administration, the most chaotic start to a mandate in modern times, eclipsing that of the messy start to Bill Clinton’s first term in 1992.

His son, Michael Jnr. angered Donald Trump during the election campaign for attempting to spread a fake news story about Hillary Clinton running a child sex ring from a pizza restaurant, and Flynn himself was caught out planting fake news stories at least 16 times during the campaign.


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