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Ski flying and St Moritz in this week's 'Gravity'


Ski flying and St Moritz in this week's 'Gravity'

Euronews snow lover Vincent Menard looks up at the ski flyers and ahead to the St Moritz world championships.

“Hello and welcome to gravity our weekly look at wonderful world of winter sports.To fly like a bird has resonated in the spirit of human kind since the dawn of time.

The dream is alive and well as athletes hang in the air for more than seven seconds and travel more than 200 meters, that’s two football pitches.It’s called ski flying and the venue is Obertsdorf.

Austria’s Stefan Kraft has been imperious at Oberstdorf winning the ski flying on Saturday and completing the double on Sunday.

Close again, but no cigar for the Bavarian Andreas Wellinger after a record breaking jump in the ski flying on Saturday he eventually finished second.

Likewise on Sunday big jump, but lost points and second again for for Wellinger.

Over The Line

The swish Swiss ski resort of St Moritz will provide the setting for the Skiing World Championships over the next two weeks. Let’s take a look at some of the favourites.

Top of the pops is Austria’s Marcel Hircher he is currently leading the overall standings and will be looking for victory in the Slalom and Giant Slalom events in which he has been dominating this season.

French skier Alexis Pinturault is having a good season joint second in the overall standings.

He will have his eye on the Giant Slalom and the combined event, his slalom form has disappointing thus far.

Henrik Kristoffersen the Norwegian in the mix is looking strong in the slalom and a potential winner in the giant slalom. He’s currently joint second overall with Alexis Pinturault.

Another speedy Norwegian in Kjetil Jansrud and no surprise he is much fancied in the downhill and super-G, he may surprise a few in the combined, remember he has six world cup podiums in the giant slalom.

We know that Kjetil Jansrud is a hot favourite to win at St Moritz, the downhill piste is the Corviglia, a slope dissected for us by French skier Adrien Théaux:“It’s a short slope, it takes around 1 minute 40, while the average downhill is 1.55 to two minutes or more. So I find it a little short. It’s a pity for the world championships. It is very up and down, it is not very technical, it’s a very rigid slope with a typical glide, so you have to be a good slider as there are some flat parts, there are not many big difficulties, the difficulties come from the ground so you need a good route or you loose time.

It has a nice start from a enormous wall that we cut through for about 300 metres and we reach speeds of 140 km in six seconds.”

Skiing Past

“Who will be the queen at St Moritz
Mikaela Shiffrin, Lindsey Vonn, Ilka Stuhec, Sofia Goggia, Tessa Worley or Lara Gut? Gut has fond memories of Graubünden her first downhill race and her first podium.

In February 2008 Lara Gut a 16-year-old Swiss impressed the well heeled at St Moritz by finishing third, while on her backside after a high speed crash close to the line, she’s been doing it in style ever since.


The super-G opens up things on Tuesday, so to end this edition of Gravity let’s go to the Saint Paul in the United States for the Iron Cross Downhill and the Canadian success of Myriam Trepanier and Dean Moriarty it’s snowtime!”