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Vinterberg's 'The Commune' collective living and disillusion


Vinterberg's 'The Commune' collective living and disillusion

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As Thomas Vinterberg’s magnificent ‘Festen’ approaches 20 years of age. The co-founder of Dogme 95 has turned his scalpel eye to collective living in the ‘The Commune.’

It is 1970s Copenhagen and a professional couple inherit a gigantic family home. In an experimental gesture they invite various friends to move in with them.

Vinterberg has pressed the autobiograpical button having grown up in such an environment, the tensions soon emerge.

Vinterberg is a master and his camera probing.The acting is superb.

This look back to a time when a new lifestyle appeared possible it is at times nostalgic, but ultimately leads to mental breakdown and disillusion.

Enjoy have a good week.

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