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Too much bum time says Experimentarium


Too much bum time says Experimentarium

Experimentarium in Copenhagen is a museum where the exhibits interact with you.

The child friendly attraction has undergone a major renovation and is now packed with 16 interactive exhibits, including a wacky ‘Bubblearium’ and ‘The Beach’ which teaches visitors about the science and power of water.

Kim Gladstone Herlev is from Experimentarium:“The idea is that you involve yourself in doing something that is new, difficult, special, but using your own senses.”

There is plenty of technology too, including the ‘Labyrinth of Light’ exhibit that includes this futuristic interactive laser harp.

However the exhibits encourage visitors to get away from screens and Tech:
“You cannot fight social media and smartphones,” says Herlev, “we do not want to fight these things, but we want to show people that there’s another approach to the world. And actually, everyone forgets about their smartphones once they’re interacting with the exhibits here.”

Experimentarium is also home to an interactive film theatre, which encourages audience members to participate in the feature they are watching.

‘The girl who wouldn’t sit still’ is a story about a girl who goes on an exciting quest to fight a mysterious mist that’s slowly descending on the world.

The film encourages movement, exhibit designer Henrik Helsgaun believes we spend too much time sat on our bums:“When we go to work, when we go to school, we sit down and have all these technology gadgets – we have phones, iPhones, iPads, computers – technology that takes our time, sitting down all the time. And that’s a big issue in the western world, that we sit down too much.”

The museum says it expects to welcome around 500,000 visitors in 2017.

The aim: to inspire the next generation of Danish scientists and inventors.

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