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The Year of the Fire Rooster marked across Asia

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The Year of the Fire Rooster marked across Asia

Across Asia millions celebrated The Year of the Fire Rooster.

Each Chinese New Year is marked by one of 12 animals, the Fire Rooster is the tenth creature in the cycle.

In Beijing authorities requested revelers not to let off fireworks as the city is suffering extreme pollution.

“I think for the Lunar New Year, which is a traditional Chinese holiday, it is more fun when we set off fireworks. In the big cities, people set off very few of them. But in my hometown, everyone’s setting off fireworks. That is much more fun,” said an excited man in Beijing.

People born in The Year of the Fire Rooster are said to be energetic, flexible and confident.

In Japan the hope is for a prosperous New Year:“I think last year, the world became a very unstable and insecure place with various transitions, like the election of a new US President. I hope that 2017 will be a peaceful and good year,” said a Tokyo celebrant.

Malaysia marked the occasion with illuminated Fire Roosters at the Don Zen Temple in Jenjarom.