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The best of Arts and Culture in Europe and the World


The best of Arts and Culture in Europe and the World

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Aussie impressionists

Impressionism is not the preserve of the French or indeed Europeans. The proof is in this exhibition devoted to Australian artists who have followed in the footsteps of Monet, Manet, Renoir and others. If you are in London this exhibition at the“National Gallery”: will open up new horizons.

Tancredi, a return to Venice

Tancredi Parmeggiani has returned to Venice more than fifty years after his tragic death. The artist, whom some people compare to Jackson Pollock, will be in Venice, under the protection of Peggy Guggenheim. It is a ‘must-to-visit’ museum and you have until March to discover Tancredi.

The intimacy of Matisse

In the past there have been dozens and dozens of exhibitions devoted to Matisse. Which one to visit and still be original? Why, by going back over the creative process of the painter, through his drawings, his sketches, his sculpture. This exhibition at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon is a real success and an extra reason to discover the city.

An artist weighing in at 423 kilos!

A bear of an artist and fifteen of the animal’s paintings have already been sold for a sum close to 8000 euros!

The Rupla Gallery in Helsinki is showing the bear’s works of art and will put all the profits from the sales of the paintings back into the gallery where the bear has lived since birth.

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