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Oscar nominations create new records


Oscar nominations create new records

“La La Land” has equalled the record for Oscar nominations. Fourteen in all to stand beside ‘All About Eve’ and ‘Titanic’

It is now the most nominated musical in Oscar history one ahead of the 13 which Mary Poppins and Chicago received.

There were eight nominations for “Moonlight” which chronicles the difficult life of a young black gay dancer from childhood to adulthood. Those nominations include for best film and Barry Jenkins for best director.

“Fences” which follows a garbage worker and his family in the 1950’s was also nominated for best film with Denzil Washington up for best actor. Four nominations in all for the movie.

“Hidden Figures”, was nominated in three categories while in total six black actors and three movies with African American issues were honoured and that’s another record.

“It certainly speaks well to the African-American community that a number of black actors and creatives were recognised. You still have, you know, members of the Asian community (left out), with the exception of Dev Patel. Latinos, you know you have Muslims, you have women who aren’t getting the type of recognition or opportunities that they should behind the camera and you know in technical positions like directing or editing. So we still have work to do,” said Gil Robertson, President of the African American Film Critics Association.

In the documentary category two films with african-american content were among the nominations. O.J.: Made in America is about the football career of OJ Simpson, his murder trial and subsequent acquittal.

In the documentary “I am not your negro” writer James Baldwin tells the story of race in modern America.

The President of the African American Film Critics Association believes those nominated films, strong for their content and story telling also show the interior of peoples lives.

“ You are seeing more stories that really show you the interior of people’s lives and I think within that you find out with ‘Hidden Figures’ you see the tale basically of women who are just simply looking for an opportunity to show what they can do. And again, that’s something that’s very universal. And with ‘Moonlight,’ of course, you’re seeing a young man who is grappling not only with his limited opportunities because of his family income and economic status, but also trying to come to terms with his sexuality. And, of course, that’s something that’s universal,” said Gil Robertson.

‘La La Land’ with its 14 nominations is seen by critics as the one to beat. But come the night of the Oscar presentations another record could be set for the number of african-american Oscar winners this year.

Oscar night is February 26.

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