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Lighting up Lyon! Annual festival returns to French city


Lighting up Lyon! Annual festival returns to French city

The annual Fete des Lumieres has returned to the French city of Lyon, lighting up landmarks with dazzling displays.

It was cancelled last year in the wake of the deadly attacks in Paris.

Millions of visitors are expected at the spectacle, with heightened security in place.

“Behind me you see a project involving robots,” said Jean-Francois Zurawik, Head of Cultural Events for the City of Lyon, as he described one of the installations.

“It was proposed by business people who came and offered us the possibility to work with these thoroughly modern machines.

“It’s a way to create something different, some new artistic forms – and also to create wonder with these engines that may seem very cold and industrial.”

Buildings, streets, squares and bridges are all being lit up with dazzling displays of colour – with over 70 light installations in all.

This year’s event, which kicked off on Thursday, runs for three nights instead of the usual four and the hours have been shortened too. But that does not appear to be dampening spirits.

“I love it,” said one festival-goer, while another added: “It’s already the spirit of Christmas.”

Reporting from the festival, Euronews’ Anja Bencze said: “The Fete de Lumiere enchants and moves. 2016 restarts the biggest cultural event in Lyon. Partying is allowed, but only with strict safety measures.”