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Football air crash - leaked tape shows plane 'ran out of fuel'


Football air crash - leaked tape shows plane 'ran out of fuel'

The plane that crashed in Colombia wiping out most of a Brazilian football team was running out of fuel and had no electrical power. That’s according to a leaked audio tape said to be of a conversation between the pilot and air traffic control.

PILOT: “Miss. LAMIA 2933 is in total failure. Total electrical failure and out of fuel.”

Monday’s disaster killed 71 of the 77 people on board when it crashed into a mountainside outside Medellin airport. All of the crew members were Bolivian.

One survivor, Bolivian flight technician Erwin Tumiri, said he only saved himself by strict adherence to security procedure, while others panicked.

“Many passengers got up from their seats and started yelling,” he told a Colombian radio station.

“I put the bag between my legs and went into the fetal position as recommended.”

The team, Chapecoense, had been due to play a cup final in Medellin on Wednesday evening ( Nov 30). Fans instead gathered in their home stadium at the precise time when the match should have taken place. Their would-be opponents Atletico Nacional did the same in Medellin.

Investigators from Brazil have joined their Colombian counterparts to check the two black boxes which have been found at the crash site.

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