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Madrid's International Jazz Festival hears Robin McKelle's "The Looking Glass"


Madrid's International Jazz Festival hears Robin McKelle's "The Looking Glass"

Madrid’s International Jazz Festival continues, and Robin McKelle is the latest artist to have picked up rave reviews. She came to Spain to perform some of the songs from her new album released last March. ‘The Looking Glass’ is McKelle’s most personal album to date and the first composed entirely of original songs.

“It’s more about personal stories from my experience of love and relationships and more of an intimate sound on the album. But the live show, it combines some of the music from the album with some of my older music and a little bit more of an energetic show, so you kind of have a little bit of everything during the live show,” she says.

The artist also said she is worried about the division in the United States with the recent presidential election that saw Donald Trump voted into the White House.

“I’m worried about the stability of many things including civil rights, women’s rights and just liberal rights for everyone. But I have hope that we can find a way through this and maybe people can heal and get back together because the US is extremely divided right now,” she laments.

Critical opinion of “The Looking Glass” suggests it is a “stunning mix of all the styles McKelle has already espoused, and allows the singer to use all the texture of her voice in a more intimate register”.

The album was produced in collaboration with acclaimed producer Steve Greenwell.

McKelle is a regular performer at jazz festivals and clubs around Europe.

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