UN says aid convoy attack could be considered 'war crime'

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By Euronews  with Reuters, United Nations
UN says aid convoy attack could be considered 'war crime'

An attack on a United Nations aid convoy in Syria in which 20 people died could be considered a ‘war crime’ by the Security Council if the perpetrators are identified, the organisation says.

If a vote comes out in favour of a war crimes charge, it can then be referred on to the International Criminal Court.

“It is a difficult mission, because it’s a mission where access is very difficult, and we know of course that manipulation of evidence can take place, and evidence can disappear and so forth….. An attack against a humanitarian convoy of this nature constitutes without any doubt a war crime, and it is absolutely crucial that we get as much information as possible,” UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson told the press.

UN satellite imagery experts claim the incident in September was the result of an air strike and the body has since launched an independent board of inquiry into it.

The US says two Russian planes carried out the attack near Aleppo, which destroyed a warehouse, several trucks and a one-week ceasefire.

Moscow denies the claims and says the convoy caught fire.

Monitors say the rebel-held east of the city suffered a fourth day of intense bombardment on Friday.

The UN described a “bleak moment” for residents who are facing winter with ever-depleting supplies.