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Jones' debut album 'New Skin' out now


Jones' debut album 'New Skin' out now

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East London soul artist Cherie Jones, known simply as Jones, is releasing her debut album ‘New Skin’.

The young singer-songwriter admits it wasn’t an easy task to cherry-pick the best dozen among her tracks: “It’s really hard to let go of songs. I still have a few that I’m hoping to use for other things. But I collaborated with my management and my label and we kind of sat down and picked out the best twelve. But yeah, it’s tough, you spend two years writing music and you get attached to it but I feel that we made the right choices,” she says.

Jones has already released three singles off the album, each with its own pedigree. But they all have a common ground: their pop-soul electro vibe, and love as a source of inspiration: “I think love is always going to be something that really connects with people. It’s just so filled with emotion and people just seem to need that outlet, I think. I love listening to classic love songs, I don’t think it ever gets old,” says the young artist.

Jones’ debut album ‘New Skin’ is out now, and could be the first of many, if critical and public reception are anything to go by.

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