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YouTube vlogger Bry releases debut album


YouTube vlogger Bry releases debut album

From online busker to rising pop star. Irish singer-songwriter Bry is releasing his debut album.

It all started when the young artist decided a few years ago to travel and perform in every single country in the world. Operating without a manager, booking agent, or record label, he would tweet his intention to be in a certain city at a set time. And that’s how he built up a committed community, which led to sell-out tours in Australia, Ireland and the UK.

“Yeah, basically what I do is I travel around the world and, because I have an online following, so I tweet, I’d usually tweet saying ‘I’m going to be in this park at like three o’clock today with my guitar so come and see me’ and then if enough people turned up then I’d go and end up doing a show that night wherever, somewhere. So I’ve been doing that for years. That’s my thing.”

And the hard work has paid off. Not only has Bry (real name: Brian O’Reilly) visited more than 60 countries, he’s also signed with alternative rock band Snow Patrol’s publishing company. His self-titled debut album is produced by Greg Wells, who has worked with the likes of Katy Perry and Adele.

“Someone called Snow Patrol – you know the band Snow Patrol? – who are one of my favourite bands, I signed a publishing deal with them and then they got me a fancy manager who got me a fancy agent. Which is great because the gig that they saw me at was what I thought was going to be my last ever gig, because I was just fed up with doing it all by myself because it just got really stressful. So in my mind I thought, ‘This is my last gig,’ but then there you go, luckily Snow Patrol hopped in.”

In other good news, Bry is now doing what he loves best: travelling, this time around Europe in support of US duo Twenty One Pilots. It all started when he met the band’s lead singer, Tyler Joseph, and told him he was a big fan.

“He followed me on Twitter and this year nothing much was happening for me, we didn’t think the album was going to come out at all, so I just thought I’m just going to message this guy because I’ve got nothing to lose, so I messaged the singer Tyler (Joseph) and he replied saying, ‘I would love you to support us,’ and then two months later they made it official, so all because of a pathetic private message on Twitter it has happened.”

Bry’s self-titled debut album is out now.

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