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Brazil protests against scything government cuts


Brazil protests against scything government cuts

Protests are taking place across Brazil to denounce government plans for scything spending cuts by both federal and state authorities.

The PEC 241 proposal is a constitutional amendment to limit public spending.

In Rio Black Bloc members clashed with police.

Unrest broke out in 18 Brazilian states.

The country’s teachers are in no mood to take government cuts lying down:“If the state of Rio de Janeiro has (financial) problems, why doesn’t it stop giving tax breaks? It gives tax breaks to spas, jewelry stores, beer-breweries, to its friends,” said one disgruntled teacher.

The government plans a wage freeze of public employees with no hiring and for the next two years and to limit social spending at the level of last years inflation rate for the next 20 years, which could slash $19bn from the education budget.