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'Apnée' an hysterical hotchpotch of the bizarre and banal


'Apnée' an hysterical hotchpotch of the bizarre and banal

Euronews journalist Philippe Mathieu guides through the bizarre and banal world portrayed in the French film ‘Apnée.’

‘‘I admit I had not read about or seen the film ‘Apnée’. It was by chance that I became acquainted with this obscure offering. What a gem, It’s great to be surprised by cinema.

From the beginning one is plunged into the strange world of three characters. In the first scene, two men and a woman are decked out in wedding dresses at the registry office. They are in love and they want to get married. However, the law disagrees, but it is difficult for the public servant to explain.

For the rest the film is marked by bizarre and absurd moments. “naked ice skaters”:, clumsy burglers and witnesses to the Deposition of Christ. The interest lies in relationship between the banal and the extraordinary.

Occasionally the film loses the plot, but what is important about these three, the Parisian stage troupe ‘The Dogs of Navarre’, is the humour, the laughter as well as the unusual and bizarre. I encourage you to be carried away by ‘Apnee’. Enjoy the movie have a good week.

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