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Former child prodigy JoJo is all grown up


Former child prodigy JoJo is all grown up

American singer-songwriter JoJo is back with a new album, ‘Mad Love’.

Born Joanna Levesque, she became the youngest solo artist ever to reach Number One on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 with her breakout debut single ‘Leave’ in 2004. .

After a stall in her career and a lawsuit against her former label, the twenty-five year old has now signed with Atlantic and says she has gained a lot in maturity.

“In that time, I’ve had relationships, heartbreaks, triumphs, faced adversity, learned how to deal with things. I’ve coped in different ways and I’ve taken a lot of accountability and responsibility for the direction of my life and I’ve realised that the only time you fail is when you give up, so your story isn’t over until you stop it. You just keep going. Every day is something new. So I think that my brain has really changed my perspective on things,” she says.

The first song on the album, ‘Music’, has deep meaning for JoJo, who started singing and performing at the age of 6. By the time she was 12, she had signed her first record contract.

“It makes me really emotional to listen to it, I really do love the video that we just put together with footage from when I was a little girl because it reminds me of that music outside of the industry, like that’s pure joy. That’s what I’m in love with, but as far as like singing about my dad it just kind of makes me a little bit too emotional sometimes.”

‘Mad Love’ shows JoJo is back and on fine form, according to critics, though some say it’s no match for the experimental mixtapes she released while she was unable to launch music officially due to the lawsuit with her former record label.

JoJo is currently touring the US to promote her new album out now.

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