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Kungs fou music sends French electroes wild


Kungs fou music sends French electroes wild

At 19 Valentin Brunel is the new name on the French electronic music scene.

The DJ/producer goes under the name of Kungs.

He began posting his own compositions online when he was 17:“I just began making remakes of classics like Coldplay tracks. I was searching for some covers on YouTube and then I just added some kicks and claps and I was just having fun like this,” explains the teenage sensation.

Now Kungs is due to release his debut album ‘Layers.’

He spoke about what ‘Layers’ means to him:” For me, it’s like some layers of different styles of music. So in this album it will be like melancholy stuff, chill tracks, future house tracks and some blues tracks, soul tracks. Always electronic music.”

‘Layers’ is just released.

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