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Ben Affleck's autistic Accountant tops box office


Ben Affleck's autistic Accountant tops box office

Ben Affleck stars as Christian Wolff in ‘The Accountant’, an autistic math savant who serves some of the world’s most dangerous crime lords undercover as a trained assassin.

Concerned about accurately portraying someone with autism, director Gavin O’Connor engaged in extensive research and screened the movie ahead of its release to a select audience.

“When we finished the film we screened it for some people in the (autism) community and some of the foundations, like ‘Autism Speaks’ and some other ones. We wanted to get their feedback before we locked the movie, just to make sure that we were accurate and we got everything right, and fortunately I was very happy that they were happy with the movie,” says O’Connor.

Affleck’s character doesn’t focus on what type of autism he has, rather it slowly unravels the story about how this accountant uses his unique skills to his advantage and grows up to become somewhat of an action hero.

“As a movie it celebrates our differences and says that how we’re different is kind of what makes us special and interesting, and I think that theme is applicable to autism as well as to a whole host of other things,” says Affleck.

The film has received mixed reviews with some critics saying it uses autism as a hook for the main character.

The thriller topped the weekend box office, however, taking in a sturdy $24.7 million, leaving Ben Affleck’s star power in no doubt.

‘The Accountant’ starring Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick is on global release from now.

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