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Ewan McGregor steps behind the camera


Ewan McGregor steps behind the camera

Based on Philip Roth’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name, ‘American Pastoral’ is the story of a perfect Middle class American family torn apart when the daughter gets involved in the political upheavals of the 1960’s.

The film marks Ewan McGregor’s debut as a director. The Scottish actor explains how he came to the decision of getting behind the camera.

“I always wanted to direct for a long, long time and I always wanted to wait to have a story that I felt I was burning to tell. And then I was talking to my wife about the fact that I didn’t think this one was going to happen and she said ‘You should direct that one’. And I went like…”

McGregor also plays the lead role of a hard-working father whose daughter Merry becomes politically radicalized.

His wife is played by Jennifer Connelly, who appreciated his approach as a director: “I thought he was balanced, because he took time to listen to everyone’s questions and give them space to express themselves and sort of explore and collaborate. But at the same time he maintained, I think, his own vision making very confident choices,” she said.

The film has opened to luke-warm reviews with several critics saying it doesn’t do Philip Roth’s novel justice.

Ewan McGregor’s ‘American Pastoral’ in which he also stars alongside Jennifer Connely and Dakota Fanning is on global release from now.

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