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'Frantz': a moving period drama by François Ozon


'Frantz': a moving period drama by François Ozon

French director François Ozon is back with an unexpected film quite different to his other movies. ‘Frantz’ is a World War One period drama that looks at both the French and the German perspective.

A French army veteran decides to visit the family of a dead German soldier whom he knew during the war. But his presence is not to everyone’s liking in Frantz’ hometown, where people are struggling with feelings of grief and resentment.

The film is a remake of silent movie ‘Broken Lullaby’ (1932) by German director Ernst Lubitsch, himself inspired by a play by French playwright Maurice Rostand (‘L’homme que j’ai tué’, 1930) .

Grief, guilt, and forgiveness are the main themes in ‘Frantz’, a much more unorthodox movie than it first seems thanks to the highly original screenplay by François Ozon.

German actress Paula Beer’s performance delivers an outstanding performance alongside France’s Pierre Niney.

You can expect a moving and surprising ending to this sensitive, austere film. We hope you enjoy ‘Frantz’ as much as we did. Have good week.

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