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Colombia and FARC rebels scramble to revive their peace deal


Colombia and FARC rebels scramble to revive their peace deal

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos has announced there is to be a new round of talks with FARC rebels as all sides scramble to salvage the peace deal rejected by voters on Sunday.

While Santos made reassuring noises about the ceasefire remaining intact, there are concerns that with no promised deal the rebels may splinter into disaffected groups.

Pedro Medellin is and expert in conflict resolution:

“I think the challenge from today with the victory of the “No” vote is to recompose these agreements. The FARC have expressed and repeated by all means, they will not return to war. My big with concern is that dark forces may feel inclined to make war.”

In a show of confidence President Santos has reaffirmed the position of the government’s chief negotiator despite “No” camp champion ex-president Alvaro Uribe insisting on there being a fresh team.

“What Uribe said and most of the “No” promoters have expressed, is their insistence that the guerrillas will have to go to jail and won’t get into politics. I think it’s not only unacceptable for the FARC but goes against any agreement of political nature,” said ex-peace commissioner Daniel Garcia Peña.

The euphoria of last week’s signing of the pact to end Latin America’s longest civil war has been quick to evaporate.

FARC’s leader known as Timochenko has said he is willing to review the peace deal but any renegotiated peace accord now seems to depend on whether FARC will accept tougher sanctions against them.


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