US presidential debate: DC students give their verdict

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By Euronews
US presidential debate: DC students give their verdict

As the barbs flew in New York between the presidential candidates, students in Washington DC watched on in a special viewing organised by euronews.

Most of those present thought Hillary Clinton came out on top during the first TV head to head.

While it depends on who you ask, the majority of post-debate polls also appear to indicate that the Democratic nominee had the edge over her Republican rival, Donald Trump.

‘‘I definitely think that Hillary was the winner of this one. It could be different for the next one, I think. He is definitely going to have to do some preparing after this. It was very obvious that she prepared and he didn’t prepare,’‘ said one student.

‘‘He definitely was trying to be overbearing and not polite at all in the debate which I wasn’t expecting him to. Every time I look at him and listen to him I think back to all the comments he has made so far over the past year about women,’‘ said another.

‘‘When Hillary Clinton was talking about the federal taxes that Trump didn’t pay – I think it was around 650 million – and he says that’s business, I feel that can be very detrimental to him, because it paints him as the businessman that people of my generation hate: the greedy, corporate guy in the skyscraper,’‘ another student said.

With the polls tightening as the November election nears, young voters could be key in the race for the White House.

From Washington, our correspondent Stefan Grobe says: ‘‘So far, Hillary Clinton is lacking sufficient support from millennials to keep together the waning Obama coalition. But in this debate, she clearly improved her standing with young voters. It might be a step towards victory.’‘