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After 'Breakfast' comes 'Brilliant Sanity' as Teleman hit the road


After 'Breakfast' comes 'Brilliant Sanity' as Teleman hit the road

British four-piece Teleman have a new album out; ‘Brilliant Sanity’ is the follow up to ‘Breakfast.’

The band have toured extensively since the release of the their first album and are now looking forward to taking ‘Brilliant Sanity’ out on the road.

As singer and guitarist Thomas Sanders explains:“When you’re kind of touring and you’ve only got one album under your belt it’s a limited repertoire of songs and you get a bit frustrated. Not that you don’t want to keep playing the same songs because we didn’t kind of lose interest in them, but you are craving to add more songs. So yeah, suddenly you’ve got double the amount of songs and it feels great and your shows suddenly become much more diverse.”

Sanders is the man who puts the words to the music:“I often write lyrics very quickly and quite spontaneously without even considering necessarily a narrative, or like a normal narrative that a song might have. Or even like, or even necessarily what they mean, I just like sometimes like the juxtaposition of strange words or just the sound that like the alliteration that words can have. Or just the strange pictures that it can create when people listen to it.”

Teleman are on tour in the UK and Ireland in October and November.

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