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'Divines': girl power in a Paris suburb


'Divines': girl power in a Paris suburb

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This week Cinema Box brings you ‘Divines’, laureate of the Golden Camera in Cannes, which rewards first feature films. A film that tells of the rage to live and the tragedy of two modern-day heroins.

Directed by French-Moroccan filmmaker Houda Benyamina, it’s the story of two best friends, who start working for a drug dealer in a Paris suburb, in the hope of earning a lot of money and having a better life.

All the action occurs between women, including the violence. The director tells the story from the women’s point of view, which is refreshing and unusual in this kind of movie.

To tell this modern-day ‘Descent into Hell’, Benyamina successfully combines realism, poetry and humour.

The main protagonists’ performance is both outstanding and unforgettable.

While the screenplay isn’t perfect and occasionally stumbles into clichés, ‘Divines’ unleashes an energy that will definitely seduce you. I hope you enjoy the movie, see you soon.

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