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The Sydney 'Fifties Fair' a look back at a time of unique design


The Sydney 'Fifties Fair' a look back at a time of unique design

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Australia is celebrating the unique design of the 1950’s from fashion to furnishings.

The Sydney ‘Fifties Fair’ takes a look back to the style of the era a time of post-war privations and unparalleled optimism.

There is more than one type of nostalgia as author and model Tara Moss explains:“A restorative nostalgic for example would actually want to live in the 50’s, would want things to be restored to the way they were authentically in the 50’s and actually believe that it was a better time. A reflective nostalgic like myself doesn’t believe it was a better time, I don’t have rose coloured glasses about the politics of that era or some of the social problems of that era but I’m still seeing things I like about that time.”

The venue for the show is the Bauhaus-styled Rose Seidler House designed by renowned Australian architect Harry Seidler.

The radical architecture polarised opinion at the time and it became Sydney’s most talked about house in the 1950’s.

Jo Nicholls is the show’s curator:
“It’s got a collection of furniture and fittings that date from when the house was built in 1948 to 1950. A particular favourite thing of mine is a collection of Eames chairs that were bought by Harry Seidler in New York before he came out here to design the house for his parents Max and Rose.”

The home is now managed by Sydney Living Museums and has been preserved to allow the public to see one of the most complete and intact collections from mid 20th-century modern domestic architecture.

Laura Jane Aulsebrook is a 50’s enthusiast:“I love all the colour and the femininity. I think the fact that girls looked like girls in the 50’s and I have to admit that I absolutely love petticoats. I’m never without a petticoat. I’m a primary school teacher and I wear petticoats and heels to work every single day.”

The Sydney ‘Fifties Fairl’ is an annual event which takes place in August.

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