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Statham and Alba make a splash in 'Mechanic Resurrection'


Statham and Alba make a splash in 'Mechanic Resurrection'

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Jason Statham’s latest action movie is
‘Mechanic Resurrection’ in which his character is forced to return to the business of contract killing to rescue his lover, played by Jessica Alba, after she is kidnapped:“A lot of the set pieces that we did for me I’ve never sort of done before and I think when I read the script that one of the key sort of elements. How can we make the swimming pool hit look good? Jumping from the cable car so there are all these big moments that we could sort of do on international waters and I thought you know what we might as will give this one a crack and see what we can do with it,” said the actor, a former member of the the British National Diving Squad.

Jessica Alba enjoys a good action adventure movie:“I got the opportunity to be in an action movie with arguably like one of the biggest action stars in the world and I love watching Jason’s action movies. He’s so believable because he does everything. Is he is an athlete. He’s a fighter. He really can do and does a lot of his own stunts and that’s why it’s so seamless and it looks so good so I jumped at that opportunity.”

The movie is on general release across Europe.


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