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Austen's Lady Susan brilliantly reimagined for cinema


Austen's Lady Susan brilliantly reimagined for cinema

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This week in Cinema Box, we will be taking a look at “Love & Friendship”, the excellent adaptation of Jane Austin’s early novel Lady Susan.

Critic Peter Bradshaw lauded the American Director’s interpretation of the novel as ‘hilariously self-aware period comedy polished to a brilliant sheen’.

The action unfolds in late 18th century England. Lady Susan Vernon is a smart, attractive, widow who is experiencing some financial problems. Through a series of intrigues, she seeks out a rich husband for herself and her daughter.

The film, like the novel, is a little more risqué than one might expect from a period comedy. The satire also packs a little more of a punch than other Austen adaptations.

Love & Friendship showcases all the finesse of Austen’s world. The English Author describes late-eighteenth-century high society with generous lashings of humour and irony.

The dialogue is seamless and English actress Kate Beckinsale brilliantly brings the lead role something “predatory yet enigmatic”.
This European co-production Involving Ireland, France and the Netherlands was directed by American Director Whit Stillman.

“Love & Friendship” is a moment of pure delight and a tribute to Jane Austen, a true master of realism and social criticism.

Enjoy the film!

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