Leave campaign seeks the "undecided" voter ahead of poll

"Leave" campaigners go all out to try to capture the undecided voter before polls open on Thursday

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Leave campaign seeks the "undecided" voter ahead of poll

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Leave campaigner Boris Johnson spent the 24 hours before polls open in Britain’s EU referendum, going the length and breadth of England trying to persuade that elusive ‘undecided voter’. Johnson knows that with the outcome in the balance every ballot counts.

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"People will have a chance tomorrow to take back control of our democracy"

Boris Johnson Former London Mayor and MP

Boris Johnson addressing supporters in Selby: “Who elected those people (EU leaders)? Nobody elected them. Do we want to be sucked into a federal super-state like that? No! We absolutely don’t!”

It’s out last chance to take back control, said the former London Mayor who is a favourite to replace David Cameron in the event of a Brexit.

“I think the people of this country have got an historic choice tomorrow. Do you think we can do it? Asked Johnson.“Yes” came the response from supporters in Darlington.

Fellow Leave campaigner Justice Secretary Michael Gove drove home the message of saving Britain’s democracy casting Brussels as domineering and out of touch.

“Ultimately people will have a chance tomorrow to take back control of our democracy and I think that is a very very powerful argument that’s resonating with people here in Portsmouth,” he said.

In the end much of the debate has boiled down to two issues: the economy and immigration but as one voter said “I’ll decide when I’m in the voting booth.”

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Opinion polls in the run-up to the referendum have suggested the outcome is too close to call.