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A closer look at Hillary Clinton's last Super Tuesday win


A closer look at Hillary Clinton's last Super Tuesday win



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Hillary Clinton has claimed victory in the race for the Democratic nomination in the presidential election. Clinton says it’s a historic moment. This is the moment she’s been waiting for. Our Washington correspondent Stefan Grobe spoke to Alasdair Sandford at euronews HQ to analyse the news.

Grobe: It’s an historic night. A very big night. First of all, she’s scored much much better than expected. She even won South Dakota a state that was not even on her radar, and she did very very well in California which was the biggest prize on this last super Tuesday of the season. And you could tell from her body language from the way she addressed her crowd, an absolutely enthusiastic crowd at her headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. She is so relieved it’s over and she can finally pivot toward Trump and taking him on and taking the fight to the national level and attack Trump in the general election. Uniting the Democratic party that is now the biggest task ahead of her.

Sandford: Bernie Sanders has been holding out. Can she win over Sanders’ supporters who’re backing their man to the last?

Grobe: Well, that is the biggest question and many moderate democrats, many members of Congress of the party are asking themselves the same question. What is Sanders up to? He has no chance of getting the nomination. He is mathematically practically eliminated now that Clinton has reached the necessary delegates but inside his movement that he himself calls ‘a political revolution’ there is a hardcore group of Sanders supporters, and for them, it’s Bernie or bust. They have said they are never going to vote for Hillary Clinton they will rather sit this out or a small minority has even said that they would vote for Donald Trump. Nevertheless, Clinton now has a Herculean task to bring this enthusiastic Sanders crowd, Millennials, college students, who were for the first time part of a political process like this, onboard and take the fight to Trump.

Sandford: Clinton and Donald Trump have lost no time in attacking each other. Are there any signs as to how she’s going to take on the Republican candidate between now and November?

Grobe: I think we’ve seen a foretaste last week when she gave, what was officially billed as a foreign policy speech, but in fact, it was a scathing attack on Trump and his, what she said, were his inabilities his deficiencies. That he’s mentally unfit and unstable to be president of the United States, and I think we’re going to see more of that. I think the country is up for something America has never seen before.

And how the internet reacted to Hillary’s big night.

And Hillary herself sent out an emotional Tweet


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