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Children of Idomeni: Lessons and laughter amid migrant misery


Children of Idomeni: Lessons and laughter amid migrant misery

It is a daily struggle for survival at Idomeni.

Living in filth and exposed to the elements, at least 10,000 migrants and refugees remain stuck at the Greek-Macedonian border.

It is still closed, preventing those fleeing war and poverty from pursuing their journey to northern Europe.

Children are among the hardest hit, despite the best efforts of aid groups.

That is why Idomeni Cultural Centre with its curriculum of lessons and staff of teachers, who are refugees themselves, is so important. As well as providing breakfast and lunch to some 120-130 youngsters each day, it also teaches them subjects like maths and languages.

“Right now there is not a lot of possibilities for their future,” said one young German female volunteer at Idomeni.

“So it is important that they can get the chance to focus on something else – on knowledge, on education.”

The cultural centre opened around a month ago and also provides lessons for adults.

For them and especially children who have been through some much, even a moment of fun is priceless.

Volunteer clowns try to make refugee children in Greece smile, aiming to bring a fleeting glimpse of happiness for boys and girls whose future remains on hold


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