Long queues form at Brussels Airport

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By Catherine Hardy  with APTN
Long queues form at Brussels Airport
  • Long queues form outside Departures
  • Some flights had resumed
  • Temporary check-in tent was in use

There have been long queues at the departures hall at Brussels Airport.

The airport authorities re-opened the area to the public on Sunday, for the first time since a double suicide bombing six weeks ago.

32 people died in the March 22 attacks at the airport and on the Brussels metro.

Tight security

Security is the tightest it has ever been.

Extra checks have been brought in, leading some passengers to complain about the long queues outside the terminal.

“It is ok at the moment,” said one woman,“everyone understands because of what happened. But in the future, it has to be faster.”

“When you come into the terminal, you can see things have changed,” another passenger told reporters. “It is a bit shocking for me because it is the first time I have been here since the attacks. It is heartbreaking.”

But hadn’t flight departures already resumed?


However, passengers have been using a temporary check-in tent because of the extensive damage to the departure hall.