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Turkey: soldier killed and dozens injured in Diyarbakir truck bomb


Turkey: soldier killed and dozens injured in Diyarbakir truck bomb

A Turkish soldier has been killed and dozens injured in a truck bomb in Diyarbakir province in the southeast of the country.

Thirty-nine soldiers and eight civilians were hurt in the explosion in the town of Hani, the military said on Tuesday.

The statement said a vehicle filled with explosives rammed into a police station.

A local court ordered a broadcast ban of the bombing until an investigation had been carried out.

The southeast has been rocked by violence since a ceasefire between the Turkish government and the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) collapsed last year.

Residential areas have been destroyed in anti-terror operations carried out by Turkish forces.

A 13-year old boy, Cihat Morgül, was killed in Diyarbakir. The teenager had been unable to escape before the military offensive in his district.

Today, his portrait hangs in a Kurdish cultural centre.

His mother Kadriye said his younger sister had been badly affected.

“I asked her why you are crying, she said ‘Mum, I miss my brother so much, I want him to come back’. I said ‘your brother can’t come, he is in paradise’… I said I also miss him.”

Cihat’s parents, who said he wanted to go to law school, heard about their son’s death on television. Because of a curfew, they have not been able to collect his body.

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is reported to have launched plans to demolish and rebuild 2,700 houses in an area of Cizre damaged during the military offensive.


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