French President calls for united response to terror

Four months after the Paris attacks, Francois Hollande offers his country's support to Belgium

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French President calls for united response to terror

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With the memory of last November’s terrorist attacks in Paris no doubt fresh in his mind, French President Francois Hollande was quick to offer his country’s support to Belgium in the wake of Tuesday morning’s attacks.

Point of view

France and Belgium are united in horror

“Terrorism has hit Belgium, but these people also have Europe in their sights, as well as all the people who live there.”

“It is vital that we grasp the significance and seriousness of the terrorist threat. We are confronted by a global threat which calls for a global response.”

“France and Belgium are united in horror, united by this horror that we have once more shared.”

France is to reinforce security at its main railway stations and on public transport systems across the country in the wake of the attacks on Tuesday morning in Brussels.

Only passengers in possession of a valid ticket will be allowed to enter stations.

There will be an increased police and military presence.