Migrants heckle EU commissioner in Idomeni

10,000 are stranded on the border separating Greece from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

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Migrants heckle EU commissioner in Idomeni

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  • EU Commissioner heckled during Idomeni visit
  • 10,000 blocked at camp on border

The European Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship is heckled as he visits the transit camp at Idomeni.

Dmitris Avramopolous assured those waiting that refugees in need of international protection will receive it.

He affirmed, however, that irregular migrants will be returned to their country of origin.

At least ten thousand people are thought to have gathered here on the border between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM)., as they make their way from the Middle East to Western Europe.

Avramopolous also appealed to EU member states to honour their commitments to share out the numbers arriving.

The EU’s goal is to relocate 6,000 refugees per month, he added.

The numbers

“The flow of migrants from the eastern Aegean islands to Piraeus never stops,” says Euronews correspondent, Kostas Tsellos.

“4,000 live in the port, while 10000 more are on the islands waiting to be brought here by ship.”

“Refugee centres on the Greek mainland house around 20000 people. Some do not want to go there in case they cannot move on.”

“The Greek government says the Balkan route will remain closed. But there are many people prepared to risk their lives to get to Europe.”

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