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St Amour: a tasty tale of love and wine


St Amour: a tasty tale of love and wine

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This week’s film is ‘Saint-Amour’, a road movie that pays homage to wine, women, sex and the love between a father and a son.

Bruno is a farmer whose only holiday is a week spent at Paris’ annual Agriculture Show. There, he travels along the famous ‘Wine Route’ around France’s vineyards without even leaving the showroom – a virtual journey down an alcoholic road that belies a deep sense of loneliness.

His father, who has gone along with him to the showroom, decides to save him and takes him on a trip down the real Wine Route. Together with a taxi driver, they set off on a visit of France’s vineyards and embark on a redemptive and truthful journey.

Directed by Gustave de Kerven and Benoît Delépine, the film stars Benoît Poelvoorde as the son and Gérard Depardieu as the father. Depardieu, contrary to expectations, doesn’t play a caricature of himself but instead honours his character, as does his co-star, Poelvoorde.

The result is a wonderfully light-hearted film, as enjoyable as a good bottle of wine. I hope you enjoy it , have a good week.

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