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Elysee roundtable meeting of UK and French delegations


Elysee roundtable meeting of UK and French delegations

The UK prime minister has met with French President Francois Hollande ahead of a European Union summit.

David Cameron is hoping to secure backing for his EU renegotiation plans.

That would help him make the case to voters in the UK to keep Britain in the bloc.

The UK is due to hold a referendum on whether to stay in or leave the EU in what’s become known as “Brexit.”

Cameron met Hollande for an hour on Monday and will meet members of the European Parliament in Brussels later today.

Meanwhile the leader of the European Council said that an EU summit on Thursday will be crucial for the future of the European Union. Donald Tusk said the risk of an break-up was real.

“This is a critical moment,” said Tush. “It is natural in negotiations that positions harden as we get closer to crunch time, but the risk of a break-up is real, because this process is indeed very fragile. Handle with care. What is broken cannot be mended.”

David Cameron needs the 27 other EU leaders to agree to his plans at the summit.

If they do, he might call the EU membership referendum as soon as June.


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