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Maverick fashion designer John Varvatos: 'Is rock dead?'

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Maverick fashion designer John Varvatos: 'Is rock dead?'

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Is rock dead? The maverick of menswear in the US, John Varvatos, asked the question as he launched his latest collection in New York.

Presented at his boutique located where Manhattan’s legendary CBGB club used to be, the show offered guests a multimedia “experience” filled with art installations and models in suits and animal masks.

“It’s really about being disruptive and doing something different and walking to your own beat and shaking some shit up and having your own personality and your own point of view. And where are the rebels today? And who’s stepping up and who’s letting their voice be heard and who’s being different? You know, it’s a provocative kind of thought, that’s really what it is,” he said of his show.

Signature pieces including tailored jackets with elongated silhouettes, chunky sweaters, leather ankle boots, coated jeans and velvet jackets proved that when it comes to Varvatos, rock is anything but dead.

“In the end it’s about clothes. It’s Fashion Week but we don’t need to be so serious. We don’t need those guys on the runway just with their straight faces. And, you know, the world’s changing. Let’s change with it. Let’s have fun with it. That’s really the theme,” said Varvatos.

Rock legends were also honoured throughout the space, with hits from The Rolling Stones blasting in one room and TVs flashing videos of icons like David Bowie.

This is Varvatos’ second show in the Big Apple. Prior to presenting his collections back home, the designer showed in Milan.

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