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Uber: day two of protests by French taxis


Uber: day two of protests by French taxis

  • Second day of protests
  • Court fines Uber over street pick-ups

The news

A second day of protests is underway in France against the app-based private taxi service, Uber.

Roads have been blocked in Paris and other main cities as part of the ongoing outcry against what taxi drivers say is unfair competition.

Police and the Paris airport authority have warned of potential delays around airports and key intersections.

Uber given large fine

A court in Paris has fined Uber for skirting rules prohibiting its drivers from touting directly for business on the streets.

France’s National Taxi Union (UNT) says only fully-licensed taxi drivers can pick up fares on the street.

The 1.2 million euro fine followed a complaint from the traditional taxi industry federation that Uber and others are flouting rules that limit alternative cab services to pre-booked business.

A spokesman for Uber confirmed that the fine had been imposed and said the company was examining the issue.

Strike and protests

Taxi drivers joined millions of teachers, health workers and air traffic controllers for a nationwide strike in France on Tuesday.

All are angry over plans for labour reforms.

At least 20 taxi drivers were arrested during confrontations with police.

Uber has triggered similar protests by taxi drivers around the world.

There have been legal disputes in a number of countries.

What they are saying

“We always hear the same things. We were told a mediator will be designated but we have already had a mediator, the laws are there but their application is problematic.”- Sofiane Halil, Paris taxi driver.

“The violence is inadmissible”- Manuel Valls, Interior Minister.